Pixar has made 24 feature films, with Luca being the most recent. Whereas the last few releases have dealt with larger, more existential elements that Pixar has done with great success, Luca gets back to the roots with a small contained story set in one location with absolutely no afterlife insight. Set in the Italian… Read More Luca

Last Train from Gun Hill – Home Entertainment Release

Available now on Blu-ray The Film Synopsis: Last Train From Gun Hill follows U.S. Marshal Matt Morgan (Kirk Douglas) on the trail of his wife’s killer. Adding a dark twist to the tale, the suspect’s father is Morgan’s longtime friend, cattle baron Craig Beldon (Anthony Quinn). Morgan is determined to capture the killer and take him… Read More Last Train from Gun Hill – Home Entertainment Release


Director Craig Gillespie has given us such gems like Lars and the Real Girl and more recently I, Tonya. His penchant for slipping honest and authentic moments into whimsy and downright absurdity is refreshing and infectious. While Lars and Tonya are the best examples, he has shown his capabilities as a director to connect with… Read More Cruella

My Fair Lady

The Film Synopsis: This beloved adaptation of the Broadway stage hit stars Audrey Hepburn as Eliza Doolittle, a sassy, working-class London street vendor, and Rex Harrison as the elitist Professor Higgins, who attempts to turn Eliza into a sophisticated lady through proper tutoring. But, when the humble flower girl blossoms into the toast of London… Read More My Fair Lady

Super 8

The Film Synopsis: Super 8 tells the story of six friends who witness a train wreck while making a Super 8 movie, only to discover something unimaginable escaped during the crash. They soon discover that the only thing more mysterious than what is it, is what it wants.  The Review:  Director J.J. Abrams, like many of… Read More Super 8

Mission:Impossible – 25th Anniversary Addition

The Film Synopsis: When U.S. government operative Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his mentor, Jim Phelps (Jon Voight), go on a covert assignment that takes a disastrous turn, Jim is killed, and Ethan becomes the prime murder suspect. Now a fugitive, Hunt recruits brilliant hacker Luther Stickell (Ving Rhames) and maverick pilot Franz Krieger (Jean… Read More Mission:Impossible – 25th Anniversary Addition