Delia’s Gone

“Delia’s Gone” is writer/director Robert Budreau’s fourth feature film after two films (“Stockholm” and “Born to be Blue”) featuring Ethan Hawke with varying degrees of success. He was able to prove he is competent and an up-and-coming director to keep an eye on, but his newest venture is missing what seems to be the secret… Read More Delia’s Gone


In December 2019 the beginning framework for this film started happening under the guise that it was simply about a Comanche woman subverting gender norms to become a warrior. Director Dan Trachtenberg and co. wanted to keep it a surprise which would have been pretty amazing, but alas word got out and here we are with a… Read More Prey


Baz Luhrmann has created a film that is not only about the myth but also the man. Luhrmann is maybe the most equipped director to take on Elvis the myth, his penchant for the glitter and the pizzazz certainly lend themselves to his hazy Vegas days. The biggest and best part of Elvis is its… Read More Elvis


When it was announced that Alex Garland would be writing and directing a new film, a horror film that would reunite him with A24, it became even more tantalizing. As the details slowly started to trickle out, it became apparent that Garland was definitely making something unique. What we get is definitely that, a wholly… Read More MEN