Scream VI

SCREAM is a franchise that certainly has left its mark on the horror landscape, with the last two films Gillett and Bettinelli-Olpin have started steering this ship in a wild direction. The franchise as a whole is obviously known for its meta and self-referential dialogue, taking tropes of the slasher genre and hitting them so… Read More Scream VI

The Locksmith

First-time director, and long-time Assistant Director, Nicolas Harvard makes his feature debut with a crime/thriller that’s a very generic look at corrupt policing and an even duller thriller. Boasting a cast that you would mainly see in straight-to-streaming affairs, with a budget to match. While there’s nothing wrong with B and C-list actors leading your… Read More The Locksmith

The Old Way

Nicolas Cage is an actor who, for better or worse, has many hits over his career that you would define as a “Cult Classic”. There was a time when he was much more reliable and had big, studio budgets chasing him, but after a myriad of straight-to-DVD disasters and straight-to-streaming after that, his light faded.… Read More The Old Way