August Home Entertainment Roundup

August home video releases

Those Who Wish Me Dead

Blu-ray and DVD August 3rd

Oscar winner Jolie stars as Hannah, a smoke jumper reeling from the loss of three young lives she failed to save from a fire. When she comes across a bloodied and traumatized 12-year old boy, the two set out together to cross miles of thick forest. Braving deadly lightning storms that challenge even Hannah’s well-honed survival skills, they’re unaware of the true dangers they face as they’re hunted by two killers while a massive fiery blaze heads straight for them.

Tyler Sheridan, best known for his “frontier” trilogy of films SICARIO, HELL OR HIGH WATER, and WIND RIVER, the last of which he directed. Sheridan undoubtedly has a keen vision of life in what is left untamed in our present world. His locations are as central to his stories as the characters. With THOSE WHO WISH ME DEAD it seems that maybe more thought was put into the location and the environment than its story. The over dramatic story, coupled with characters who seem a little out of place in the narrative bring this down what is just an average film. Angelina Jolie doesn’t have much to work with besides battling lightning and fire. Aiden Gillen and Nicholas Hoult are the most entertaining part playing some dastardly villains with mysterious intentions. Overall there are some decent thrills to be found, but aside from a few action scenes the rest is marred by incoherent story details.  

THOSE WHO WISH ME DEAD has the following special feature on the Blu-ray:

  • Making Those Who Wish Me Dead

The DVD includes the following feature:

  • Those Who Wish Me Dead first look
Paramount Presents: Nashville [Blu-ray] [1975] - Best Buy


Blu-ray on August 10th as a part of the ongoing collectable Paramount Presents line.

Robert Altman’s seminal film remains an essential classic of 70’s cinema with its complexly textured portrayal and critique of America’s obsession with celebrity and power. Newly remastered from a 4K scan of original elements, the film is presented on Blu-ray with a new featurette entitled “24 Tracks: Robert Altman’s Nashville.” The disc also includes a previously released commentary by Altman.

Following 24 different characters over 5 days in Nashville, the genius of Altman is telling American stories through the eyes of individuals rather than as a traditional narrative. It’s a perfect example of Altman’s strength as a director and a storyteller. If this is not in your collection, do yourself a favor.

Till Death (2021) - IMDb


Blu-ray and DVD on August 10th

Perhaps arriving a little too under the radar is Megan Fox’s most recent thriller. The TRANSFORMERS star has recently made the shift to playing some badass leading ladies, with TILL DEATH quite possibly being the best of the bunch. The story simple, but writer Jason Carvey is able to add just enough to the plot and director S.K. Dale is able to add just enough bite that it allows what could have been a run-of-the-mill lifetime movie to be a charming little B-movie thriller that is better than it has any right being. If Fox continues to find roles like this, she may soon become a hit amongst the scream queen fans.

The Blu-ray release is bare bones with no special features.


4K, Blu-ray, and DVD arriving on August 31st

Lin Manuel Miranda may have become synonymous with HAMILTON by the general population, but he has been a staple in the musical theater community since 2008 when In the Heights premiered on stage. Now a major motion picture from director Jon M. Chu, IN THE HEIGHTS is an endearing and emotional story about dreams and knowing where you’re from. Anthony Ramos stars in the joyful expression of identity with an outstanding supporting cast making up the residents of the eclectic Washington Heights neighborhood. The visuals are both realistic and dreamlike, those elements are absolutely stunning in the 4K transfer. Coupled with the Dolby Atmos soundtrack it’s an experience unlike any other you will have.

Packed with special features and a sing-a-long, adding this to your collection is a must.

Special Features on the 4K UHD combo pack and Blu-ray:

  • Paciencia y Fe: Making in the Heights
  • Paciencia y Fe: When You’re Home
  • Paciencia y Fe: Hudreds of Stories
  • Paciencia y Fe: Alza La Bandera/Raise the Flag
  • Paciencia y Fe: Wepa!
  • Paciencia y Fe: The Music in the Air
  • Paciencia y Fe: Who Keeps our Legacies
  • In the Heights Sing-a-long
  • 96,000 Sing-a-long

Special Features on “In the Heights” DVD:

  • Paciencia y Fe: Alza La Bandera/Raise the Flag

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