Smart. Refreshing. Hilarious.

This is more like a spiritual successor to Superbad, a more mature take that digs way deeper into the characters. The on screen chemistry between the Beanie and Kaitlyn shines through and is so fun to watch, notes of Gilmore Girls come through and I liked the shout-out. 

The supporting cast is just so damn likable, from the bumbling adults like Sudeikis, Kudrow, and Forte trying to be ‘cool’, to Billie Lourde showing up everywhere and being awesome and Skyler Gisondo partying on his yacht, consensually of course. This being Olivia Wilde’s debute gets me very excited for more, the underwater swimming pool scene and the one take in the party are LE GIT!

What I love most is that the script is so smart, it doesn’t dive into the generic cliches of a teen sex comedy, it’s so much more than that. It’s about growing up and facing an uncertain and scary new  future, it’s about friendship and acceptance. It’s about being secure with who you are and saying “fuck it, we’re getting pancakes.

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