This movie. . . Was way different then anything I was imagining. Typically my relationship with the DC universe is basement level expectations that usually let me down. This movie brings DC into the conversation, thanks to James Wan. I’m not sure other movies in the universe will work like this worked. This is an absolute bonkers movie.  The fight in Italy is worth three stars alone, and I submit can go against any other Marvel boss fight. When they dive into the trench, and he lit the flare, I knew it was going to be visually amazing. The visuals and sheer amount of epic fun that was had was highly contagious. This isn’t a DC movie to me, it’s a James Wan fantasy epic.
Bonuses: Excellent, stunts galore, one shots. Willem Defoe turned out to be Willem Defriend and he’s awesome. Patrick Wilson refers to himself as the “Ocean Master” and it’s glorious.

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