Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Look. I know this movie has its faults. But dang, do I love me some dinosaurs. I understand the gripes but come on, how many movies can they keep going back to the same island and then something goes wrong. This was an inevitable outcome to this series if it wanted to have legs. Nothing can beat that first movie, it’s my favorite of all time. I’m not saying we should all have basement level expectations and be surprised at quality, but this movie has quality in it. It’s looks amazing, it brought us more Dino’s then ever before. The first half is a lot of fun, and the second half had some genuine thrills and some awesome Dino action. Stop treating these movies like the holy grail of cinema and shitting on it because it wasn’t as good as maybe the best modern blockbuster of all time. It’s still a good movie. It’s still super fun to watch. I’m still going to watch them and get excited for more.

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